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Home & Commercial Roofing Systems

Your roof is the last line of defense standing between a building's occupants and being dry, warm and comfortable during inclement weather. Our roofing system solutions will help your roof direct the water from rainstorms, melted snow and yard maintenance so it stays out of the house. Spycor Environmental has found the best products for all types of roofs to protect people, pets and property from getting all wet. Make an affordable investment into staying dry by using them on your next residential or commercial roof construction.

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Roofing Ventilation & Drainage

A big part of a good roof is always surplus water and air to vent or drain without pooling. We offer the right products to help your roof breathe. Roof ventilation mats for cedar roofs allow airflow between the sheathing and metal panels to extend the life of the membrane. They also act as a sound deadener so people won't have to yell over the sound of rain and wind. If you have a garden roof, we sell drainage boards, waterproofing barriers and filter fabrics to help plants grow without drowning in excess water.

Roof Underlayment Systems

A good roofing underlay is essential for many roofing systems to control moisture and vapor flow. If you need a metal roof or pitched roof underlayment, you will find it at Spycor Environmental. There are membranes for both ventilated and non-ventilated roofs depending on if you want outside air to circulate in. These completely waterproof membranes can be laid on concrete, clay, slate and other materials and also add a layer of insulation to reduce your heating bills.

Raise the Roof at Affordable Prices

Whether you're constructing a new building or doing a roof replacement, we have the products to help it reach peak performance. Retain and drain excess water or protect against unwanted air movement with a specialty system that's also affordable. Call us 24/7 for expert advice on your roofing needs.