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Negative Air Machines for Maintenance and Renovation
During any type of maintenance in an Occupied Healthcare Facility, such as cutting into walls, floor, removing ceiling tiles and even replacing fluorescent light tubes, the CDC requires the use of a containment and HEPA air filtration equipment to capture any airborne dust or contaminants. OmniAire HEPA negative air machines are used in thousands of such projects every year to prevent contamination of the occupied area. Industry Standard machines such as the OA2000VMED, OA600VMED and the MF100MED are time proven, workhorses for the hospital environment. For more information please refer to Spycor's Negative Air Machine FAQ's. Some typical projects include:
  • Renovation and Construction
  • Dust Control
  • Paint and Varnish Odors
  • Silica Dust
  • Toxic Mold Remediation
  • Lead Abatement
  • Asbestos Removal
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    BioMAX HEPA 99.97% 24 x 24 x 11 1/17 BioMAX HEPA 99.97% High Efficiency Particulate Galvanized Steel 24x48x5 7/8
    List Price: $605.25
    Price: $288.93
    You save $316.32!
    BioMAX HEPA 99.97% Steel 	12x12x5 7/8 BioMAX HEPA 99.97% High Efficiency Galvanized Steel 12x12x5 7/8
    List Price: $192.69
    Price: $85.65
    You save $107.04!