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ChopShop Saw Hood ChopShop Saw Hood
Price: $133.69
Sale Price: $119.95
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ESS Enviroboot EB-1 Attachement by ESS, Attached to a HEPA-filtered dry vacuum cleaner, the ESS Enviroboot™ EB-1 dust-suppression accessory for electric jackhammers creates a vacuum chamber around a jackhammer's chisel, significantly drawing away and redu Enviroboot EB-1
Price: $205.00
The EBCH-1 Chipping hammer bboot is designed to fit most smaller chipping hammers, both pneumatic and electric, hammer drills and needle guns. A great choice for doing small jobs or cleaning cement drums. When connected to a HEPA filtered vacuum, it will Enviroboot EBCH-1
Price: $138.46
Sale Price: $120.00
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