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HepaCart HC74U-L Rental
HepaCart HC74U-L Rental - Image 1 of 0
HepaCart HC74U-L Rental - Video 2 of 1
HepaCart HC74U-L Rental - Image 1 of 0
HepaCart HC74U-L Rental - Video 2 of 1
HepaCart HC74U-L Rental - Image 1 of 0
HepaCart HC74U-L Rental - Video 2 of 1

HepaCart HC74U-L -RENTAL-

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HEPACART™ Rental Details:
  • All HEPACART™ Rentals are certified HEPA with up-to-date ICRA certification.
  • Rentals arrive in a white HEPACART crate ready to roll out and deploy immediately.
  • Standard HEPACART Rental Model: HC74U-L (Custom rentals available)
  • Signed rental agreement is required prior to shipment & Credit Card Authorization
Rental Terms:
  • $1,995 per month OR$599 per week
  • Round-trip freight must be prepaid w/ $1000.00 refundable deposit.
  • Valid Credit Card Authorization. Rentals billed monthly.

Product Code: HC74U-L-RENTAL
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Contact SPYCOR for HEPACart Rental Information: 843-388-5833

The HEPACART™ is the only containment system with an embedded Negative Air Machine that is factory inspected and certified at an Air Cleanliness Level of 99.97% or .3 microns.
*ISO Class 5 Certified. ULPA (99.99%) and SULPA (99.999%) rated negative air machines also available.
HEPACART™ saves Time & Money!
  • Quick & easy to set up -requires no assembly.
  • Easily maneuvered by 1 person
  • The HepaCart HC74U-L can accommodate (2) workers & a ladder!
  • Leave tools and ladders in HEPACART™ while moving between workpoints
  • Durable, stainless aluminum skin is easily cleaned
  • Assembled in the USA.
General Specifications:
  • 29" wide x 74 inches long 10 ft. Standard Curtain with Pass-Thru Slips (2)
  • HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machine, impeller fan, HEPA-Filter, pre-filter and certification
  • Electrical package with 25ft. retractable cord, and GFI protected convenience outlets
  • End-window and end/door window and resists tears and punctures.
  • Each wheel assembly and caster rated for 900lbs.
  • (2) end windows
Engineered and constructed by healthcare contractors for healthcare contractors

*Additional Rental Term (a) - Crate Deposit Authorization for HC74U-L Crate and Return Shipping
All HC74U-L HEPACART Models Include:
  • Heavy-duty Framed HEPACART base
  • Includes standard 10ft. enclosure with pass-thru slips, ceiling frame, & pole Assembly (installed)
  • Variable Speed Negative Air Machine w/ Impeller Fan
  • Electrical Package with GFI Outlets
  • Retractable Cord and Variable Speed Control
  • HEPA Filter / Pre-filter (installed)
  • ICRA/Air-quality certification
  • End windows-2


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